Crossroads Writing Project at Ferris State University

Teachers Teaching Teachers

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What is Crossroads Writing Project?

Crossroads Writing Project (CWP) at Ferris State University is a site of the National Writing Project. It is a university-based group of teachers from all grade levels and disciplines (not just English) who use writing to enhance learning and who are dedicated to improving their teaching practices and their uses of writing. CWP offers a variety of programs to accomplish these purposes: an annual Invitational Summer Institute for teachers and administrators (kindergarten through university), school-based professional development programs, advanced institutes, continuity programs, and young writers camps (Bulldog Writing Retreats).


Established in 1998, CWP follows the National Writing Project in believing that teachers are the key to lasting school reform and bases its programs on the idea that the best teachers of teachers are other teachers and that meaningful change, rather than being a quick fix, usually occurs over time. CWP endorses no single approach to the teaching of writing and provides no packaged plans or formulas. However, CWP is an NCLB certified provider of professional development.  Through its summer and school-year professional development programs, CWP works with teachers to develop informed and effective teaching practices enhanced by the use of writing.

What is the mission of Crossroads Writing Project?

The mission of Crossroads Writing Project is to promote exemplary literacy instruction by empowering teachers as writers, researchers, and leaders.

CWP also follows the mission of the National Writing Project to improve writing and learning in the nation’s schools, recognizing the primary importance of teacher knowledge, expertise, and leadership. Through its extensive network of teachers, the National Writing Project promotes exemplary instruction of writing in every classroom in the nation.

The goals of CWP and the National Writing Project are

· To improve student writing and learning in kindergarten through university classrooms;

· To extend the uses of writing in all disciplines;

· To provide schools, colleges, and universities with an effective professional development model;

· To identify, celebrate, and enhance the professional role of successful classroom teachers.

How is Crossroads Writing Project funded?

Crossroads Writing Project receives support from Ferris State University and the National Writing Project.