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Welcome CWP Fellows!

You’ve come to the right place to re-connect with friends and colleagues from your Invitational Summer Institutes and fulfill your professionals needs for updating and re-invigorating your teaching practices:  Check out the advanced institutes, open institutes, writing retreats, and now our Facebook site.  This network allows us to reach across the distances that separate us to talk about the new books we have read (both personal and professional), to form groups for writing and study, and to offer programs to enhance our professional and personal lives.  So, get involved! Bring CWP to your school or home–we’ll be glad to see you again!  

The Action Research Advanced Institute (ARAI) is offered for all CWP Fellows to help guide them as they plan and carry out an “action research” (classroom-based) project.  In this new era of merit-based pay, this advanced institute offers an opportunity for you to develop and carry out action research projects to collect and evaluate classroom data.  It will help you prepare to be evaluated while you earn three  (3) hours of graduate credit at the rate of $85 per credit hour or earn SB-CEUs (pending).


Writing Retreats:

CWP offers two (2) writing retreats each year.  Join CWP Fellows and others from writing projects across Michigan to spend a weekend or an extended day writing, sharing and of course, eating in a retreat-style setting.  These retreats offer you the opportunity to share a comfortable escape and just write, write, write.