Crossroads Writing Project at Ferris State University

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Bulldog Writing Retreats at Ferris State University
For students in grades 3 to 12

Bulldog Writing Retreats take place over two weeks with three sessions in each week (one each for elementary, middle, and high school students) of intensive exploration of writing.  These writing workshops are led by Crossroads Writing Project teachers who plan the themed sessions. 

Area teachers and others can nominate students who have an interest in writing (whether or not they are good writers).  Students attend sessions daily, ending their work week with a “formal “celebration of writing.  Parents, students’ teachers, FSU administrators, and friends attend this student performance where they showcase their achievements.  This highly successful program has been largely underwritten by the University, allowing CWP to charge a nominal fee of $75.

For further information, contact Lynn Chrenka ( or 231-591-5629)